Sundance Filters 1980-1989

The importance of hot tub spa filters are commonly overlooked. It is one of the hardest work part of your hot tub spa. Yet, it is neglected and under appreciated. The hot tub spa filter is a very important part of your spa. It works with your chemicals to keep the hot tub spa water clean and free of impurities. A clean hot tub spa filter maximizes your jet power and prolongs the life of the pumps. Use our handy Sundance Spas hot tub spa filter guide to search for the hot tub spa filter that fits your model.


Year Model Filters
All Allergo 6540-495
1986-1989 Cabaret 6540-480
1985-1989 Cameo 6540-480
1986-1989 Cameo Jr. 6540-480
1986-1989 Gemini 6540-486
All Liberty 6540-480
1987-1989 Los Cabos 6540-480
1986-1989 Mardi Gras 6540-480
1987-1989 Marin 6540-480
1984-1986 Marin 6540-484
1987-1986 Royale 6540-480
1989 Serena 6540-486
1985 Silverado 6472-605
1985-1989 Supra/Supra Lounger 6540-480

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